Estranged Act I

the first installment

Estranged: Act I is an action adventure game featuring horror elements. In the game you take on the role of a lone fisherman, who crashed his ship during a storm, leaving him stranded on a mysterious island.

The game features both puzzles and combat, as you try to make your way across to another part of the island. Estranged runs on the Source Engine with a few graphical extras.


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It’s clear that the creators are striving for atmosphere above all else. The locations themselves all feel grounded and part of the world and optional extras like newspaper cuttings and even usable computers add more pieces to the puzzle
— LambdaGeneration: Unravel the Mysteries of the Island in Estranged: Act One!

The overwhelming feeling is that things could get terrifying at any moment
— PC Gamer: Mod of the Week: Estranged Beta, for Source SDK Base 2013